Facial Rejuvenation in Stone Mountain, GA: Transcend Age and Rediscover Your Glow

We all want to look our best, reflect our inner youth, and exude confidence. At TranscenDental Smiles of Georgia, we believe in offering solutions that transform your appearance holistically. One of our premier treatments in Stone Mountain, GA is Facial rejuvenation. A comprehensive treatment that not only refines the contours of your face but also augments your radiant smile.

What are your options for facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation in Stone Mountain, GA, encompasses a range of treatments tailored to your unique needs. Whether it's realigning your bite or reconstructing your teeth, our expert dentists, Dr. Andrea Burrell, Dr. Diane Stephens, and Dr. Ahna Kelley, will guide you through the process to ensure you achieve results that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Is eyelid rejuvenation right for me?

While our primary focus is on dental-related facial rejuvenation, we understand the holistic nature of facial aesthetics. Eyelid rejuvenation can complement our treatments by refreshing your eye area, making your entire face look more youthful. Schedule a consultation with us, and we can discuss the best treatments that fit your goals.

How long does it take to recover?

Recovery times vary based on the specific procedures you undergo. Typically, with dental corrections that support facial rejuvenation, the downtime is minimal. Our team in Stone Mountain, GA, ensures you're equipped with aftercare guidelines and support throughout your recovery process.

What are the benefits of a face-lift?

While our treatment focuses on rejuvenating the face through dental intervention, many patients ask about the benefits of a face-lift. A surgical face-lift can offer more dramatic and lasting results in reducing wrinkles and sagging skin. Combined with our treatments, it can provide a comprehensive transformation. It's essential to consult with a plastic surgeon for face-lift specifics.

What are the risks and drawbacks of a face-lift?

Like any surgical procedure, face-lifts come with potential risks like scarring, infection, or complications from anesthesia. It's crucial to weigh these against the benefits. Our non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments at TranscenDental Smiles of Georgia offer a less invasive alternative with a focus on enhancing your smile and overall facial aesthetics.

When should you have facial rejuvenation?

There's no specific age or time. Whenever you feel the desire to align your outer appearance with how vibrant you feel inside, it's a good time to consider facial rejuvenation. Whether you're from Tucker, Clarkston, Pine Lake, Lilburn, Redan, or right here in Stone Mountain, our doors are always open for a consultation.

Incorporating relative treatments like dental implants, crowns, or dentures ensures a holistic approach to your facial aesthetics, addressing underlying dental issues which might affect your appearance.

For personalized advice and a treatment plan tailored to your needs, contact TranscenDental Smiles of Georgia at 770-465-3400. Let's embark on a journey to rejuvenate your face and illuminate your smile.

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