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Bad breath is an unpleasant problem for everyone involved. It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for you while also negatively affecting the people around you. If it gets really out of hand, it can also put a strain on your relationships. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what it is and how to deal with it. Here’s what you need to know. If you are looking for a general dentistry in Stone Mountain GA, we can help you.

What Is Halitosis

Halitosis refers to the bad breath smell that can come from either the mouth or the teeth. The root of the problem can be much deeper and is often indicative of underlying health problems. It can be something that occurs temporarily (affecting someone for a day and then never again) or something that is a chronic condition and needs attention.


There is one stand-out symptom of halitosis that you might already have noticed. Bad breath is the most common sign that you're experiencing halitosis, and you might need to get it sorted. If you've only had it for a day and it's fine tomorrow, then you usually don't need medical attention. However, if your bad breath persists, you may need to confer with a doctor about your next steps.

Halitosis can also leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, so if you've noticed one and haven't eaten bad food recently, then you might know you have bad breath yourself.


Here are some of the causes of halitosis:

Poor dental hygiene

If you're not looking after your dental health, plaque and bacteria can build up in your teeth and gums. If you've left them too long, the combination of bacteria and decaying food in your mouth will lead to a bad smell.

Strong foods

This is more common for less chronic conditions of bad breath. Foods like onions and garlic leave an unpleasant odor. Your stomach absorbs the oils from them, which pass through your bloodstream and into your lungs.


Cigarettes have a very strong and noticeable odor that can linger on your person. Not only will your breath smell but it will affect your general scent too. On top of that, it can leave you with a dry mouth that will compound the odor.


One of the most common treatment solutions is to book in with a dentist for deep dental cleaning. They'll remove the rotten food and bacteria build-up from your mouth and teeth, and the smell should disappear after that. Of course, you then have to work on prevention to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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Halitosis is always going to be unpleasant and something you want to treat quickly. Through careful care and maintenance of your oral health, the problem should largely go away. However, if it doesn’t, then it could indicate underlying issues which you should bring up with your doctor.

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